Ikuu Boys’ High School is an outstanding institution with a vision of being a center of excellence in promotion of quality education. Falling in the category of elevated National School in the county in the flagship of the vision 2030 in our country, it gives us pleasure to present maiden report.

The deputy principal works closely with the principal in the management of the school. In Ikuu Boys’ our core business over the years has been wish high academic and personal discipline to our students to give to the society a very discipline and law abiding citizens.

The school has been able to realize its motto “ONWARDS TO EXELLENCE “ because of our well organized team work among all the stakeholders in ensuring high academic excellence is achieved.

The success story told over years is borne of the positive attitude and support by everyone in the Ikuu department. All this is pegged on the strict discipline we impact on our students through the support of a meticulous discipline committee that works closely with the student’s leaders to ensure a reputable school by all standards. This transcends to the school environment being created to sacred place where you seek the academic kingdom in a peaceful atmosphere. This finally reflects on our K.C.S.E results.

The student’s leadership is very vital in ensuring our school core values are kept and he motto reached. The leaders are the bridge between the administration and the students; and they address the emerging issues in consultation with the office.

Our leaders are selected on a very competitive platform of first of all making applications of the various position after while vetting is done ascertain the best leader in all areas by the students and the teacher.

We have a set of our school guiding principles which calls for every student to use common sense in every activity he undertakes. This then puts Ikuu Boys on the honors board in this country for its extemporary performance that is based on the cooperation among all the stakeholders who work restlessly to ensure that the school motto “ONWARDS TO EXELLENCE” is achieved.

Thank you