The science department is goal oriented towards meeting the set targets in order to mould the students towards the correct science standards and compete well into the global world The and Physics subjects that makes up the department are Biology, Chemistry In Ikuu boys all the students take Biology and Chemistry while Physics is elective, however done by of the students. The subject are taught by highly motivated teachers with self interval drive, hence the performance has continued to improve each year. All the three subjects in the department have been able to score an average mean grade of B plain and we are targeting a mean grade of B+ and above in future.The teaching methods given to the students are varied to make better in order to fit into the country’s millennium goals of vision 2030.Just to mention a few are hands on based lessons, E-learning and ICT integration, research and project methods. Excursions and also ensuring psychological stability of our students. The department has enough text books of all kinds to ensure the students are fed with the latest knowledge as per the syllabus and also teach the emerging issues within the stipulated curriculum. This has facilitated easy learning and the grasp of the concepts taught by the teachers.The department has three well equipped labs to facilitate teaching and learning of the three sciences related subjects. The labs have been well utilized by the teachers and students as centers of learning and innovation of ideas. The laboratories have helped create innovation during research and projects in science congress were our students have scooped top positions at the national levels. The department has produced great expetriates of this nation and the entire world such as medical doctors, engineers, acturalists and other types of expertise.We endeavor to work harder and improve from better to best to meet the global standards of science.
Other than learning sciences we encourage our students to:

Foster social interest in the society
Keep on modifying their goals for better in their lives.
Change faulty motivation by disclosing the mistakes they have made in their lives
Helping them to become people who contribute to the society with the knowledge they acquire
Finally all are welcome into this department to put on their contribution towards improving science at Ikuu Boys

“The sky is not the limit”