Mathematics department is unique in the sense that it os made up of only one subject-itself-unlike other departments which have at least two. Mathematics is one out of possible three core subjects examinable by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) its importance now and in future cannot be underestimated.Currently, the department is manned by a very able team of energetic, talented, competent, professional teachers, namely, Mr. Ruguru, F.M (Team Leader), Mr. Gituma B, Mr. KImani P., Mr. Nzeki J., Miss Mwaniki R., Mr. Bundi K., Mr. Jimrise O., and Mr. Okumu (Student Teacher). This is he team that has catapulted the subject results upwards year after year. This is possible because of early syllabus coverage which enables the team players ample time to revise thoroughly. Students themselves are very positive o he laid down programmes for them individual difference of students is highly catered for. It is worth noting that all teachers teach across all levels from form 1-4Team work and one voice is the secret to our success as a department.